Angelo te zien op Xpozer expositie

Volgend weekend is 1 van mijn foto’s te zien op de Xpozer pop-up expositie in Amsterdam, georganiseerd in samenwerking met GuruShots.

How I made “After rain there is sunshine”

In 2018 I started a project called “The Fisherman”. First image was “Fishing birds“. Now I have the second image finished! Part 2 is called “After rain there is sunshine“. I could have called it “A New chapter”, and the meaning of the image is the same, but I think “After rain there is sunshine” is a better title for what I want to express. *deep breath* This is how I made it!

Tip: turn on the subtitles 😉

Photographer about this photo

Sometimes life can have a setback. You have to work hard to get the sunshine back in your life. I have experienced it recently and I had to (and still do) work hard on my self and my life. This image is second in a serie called “The Fisherman”. This episode is ment for expressing how you can work on your future and bring that sunshine back in your life.

The sunshine behind the paper I have photographed in Kefalonia (Greece). The foreground I had to wait (a long time) for a stormy day. It was photographed in Hoek van Holland (the Netherlands). My son helped me photographing me in my rain suit. The rest is made in Photoshop.

After rain there is sunshine


I love it! It’s a simple message, and a positive one. Your craftsmanship shows in the small details like the string waving in the wind behind the subject, and the horizons matching so well. The fish hook is a nice detail, and the drop shadow is well done too. The matched colours of the sky and rain suit help to tie the theme together.

Steven T. – Senior Critic @

Angelo … A magnificent idea and excellent execution! The image really brightens my day and sends a surrealistic message!

Norman Gabitzsch – Senior Critic @
My son Benjamin is handling the camera, while I am posing for this image
Me doing some different poses, so I have enough material to work with.

How I made “The Handshake”

Corporate imaginery

Last year I made a serie of images for the website of Gebr. Sluyter B.V. The main hero image of this website is called “The Handshake”. In this blog I will show you how I made this image.


As always, first thing to do is making a sketch of the idea. I usually do this on paper, but this time I used Photoshop.

Gebr. Sluyter is situated in the Beurs WTC building in the city centre of Rotterdam.

A handshake picture is not a new idea, but Sluyter wanted their own. That is why I used the Beurs WTC as a background. Gebr. Sluyter is situated on the 17th floor of that building.

Photographing the elements

After approvement of the sketch, I started planning the different photoshoots for all the elements in the image.

The background

First of all I needed to photograph the Beurs WTC building. As you can see in the sketch, the photo had to be taken from a high standing point. There is a building in the opposite direction above “De Bijenkorf” (a wharehouse). In that building is located a hotel called Urban Residences. I asked them if I could borrow a room for a few hours. And so I went up to the 16th floor.

Me photographing the Beurs WTC building 🙂
On the left in the middle you can see me standing on the balcony photographing. This shot was taken from the WTC building.

The handshake

Now I needed 2 models for the handshake. I thought it would be fun to ask 2 collegues of Gebr. Sluyter to help me out with this.

Packed my camerabag and took it to the office of Sluyter. Tom and Paul where pleased to help me out with this project 😉

The cybershake

When shooting the handshake I also already had a second idea in mind for their cyberinsurances. A cyber handshake. So I made multiple images that day. Also I made a sketch first of course.

The Matrix 😉


Now it was time blend both images together in Photoshop. For editing my images I use a wacom tablet, one of which you can edit directly on the screen.

My editing setup. With messy sleepy hair 😉

I carefully made a cutout of the handshake and pasted it in the background. Then I blurred the background so that the handshake was more in focus. Last thing I had to do was drawing a window, so it looked as if they shaked hands in the office.

Corporate imaginery
Editing this image, was pretty simple compared to other projects that I have done.

The second image took a bit more time, because I needed to edit both hands and make a surreal cyberlooking background.

I actually used a image of bushes to create the cyber background.

The final image

Rotterdam in zwartwit (iphone)

In deze serie heb Rotterdam in zwartwit vastgelegd.

Rotterdam is een havenstad gelegen aan de Nieuwe Maas. De stad dankt zijn naam aan het riviertje de Rotte. In de Tweede Wereldoorlog is een groot deel van het historisch centrum plat gebombardeerd. De wederopbouw heeft gezorgd voor vele voor Nederland nieuwe architectonische hoogstandjes. Dit heeft geresulteerd in een nieuwe bijnaam voor Rotterdam: Manhattan aan de Maas. Dit door de vele hoogbouw in de stad.

Als “side-project” heb ik enkele weken lang het reilen en zeilen binnen Rotterdam in zwartwit vastgelegd met mijn Iphone. De serie is wat mij betreft nooit compleet, maar ergens moet je een streep trekken. Misschien is dat wel het eerste deel van velen, wie zal het zeggen 😉

Er wordt hard gewerkt om de Coolsingel een heel nieuw jasje te geven.
Op dit moment is de Coolsingel open voor eenrichtingsverkeer.
Zonsopkomst op de beursvloeren van het Beurs WTC
Drukte voor de centrale Bibliotheek aan de Binnenrotte
Een toerist voor een marktkraam in de Markthal
Man zoekt kaartje (Hoogstraat)
Het uitzicht vanaf de Euromast eind februari 2019
Nesselande is een nieuwe wijk in Rotterdam, met een prachtige boulevard en strand aan de Zevenhuizerplas
De Wilhelminapier gezien vanaf de Fenix Food Factory, gemaakt tijdens mijn expositie op Rotterdam Photo 2019.
Het oude ABN/AMRO pand aan de Coolsingel wordt helemaal verbouwd tot groot appartementencomplex en winkelcentra “Het Forum Rotterdam”
Beeld op de Van Oldenbarneveldsplaats
Ritje richting het centrum van Rotterdam door het Kralingse Bos
De wachtende voetganger, vlakbij het monument Delftse Poort op het Pompenburg
De gebroken LP vlakbij Museum Rotterdam
De roltrap naar de Maastunnel. Een lange stijle ouderwetse roltrap.
Politiebureau op het Haagse Veer
Hollandse taferelen op de Hoogstraat: stroopwafels en draaiorgels
Een zomerse dag op 26 februari 2019. Hoe is het mogelijk!
Live muziek nabij het Reuzenrad
Een drukke dag op de markt
Het stadhuis badend in zonlicht
Het Hofplein met uitzicht op het Weena
Een ruit gebarsten in de hoogbouw van het WTC
Het prachtige uitzicht vanaf het dak van het Groothandelsgebouw
Een miniatuur Kuip, zeer gedetailleerd en te vinden in Mini World Rotterdam
In de rij voor Capri. En dat eind Februari! Ongekend!
Het megastation Rotterdam Centraal te zien vanaf het dak van het Groothandelsgebouw
Vroeger zat hier bioscoop Thalia, nu is het terrein van overvolle terrassen, en dat eind februari!

How I made the Maritime Insurance Policy

The creative process and how I made the Maritime Insurance Policy image.

In this article I show you How I Made the Maritime Insurance Policy. This image was published on and is one of the images I made for the website of Gebr. Sluyter B.V. 

Gebr. Sluyter is a Dutch insurance broker especially active in the maritime sector. With the fact that they are so active within the maritime sector, I had to come up with an original idea linked to that sector.

The idea

This idea came pretty quick into my head when I was sketching.

First idea sketched on real paper
Because I had to present my ideas, I sketched it a little more detailled in Photoshop

So, after my sketch was approved I was able to plan the photoshoots for all the different parts of the picture.

Photographing the elements

I already knew that I wanted to photograph all different elements seperately. First I went to Hoek van Holland to photograph the sea and the waves that I needed for the boat look more realistic.

While Photographing the sea for this image, I also photographed alot of seagulls. At that moment I knew I had to put sume gulls in this image,

Second part was the sky. I wanted to have some depth within the image, and a good way to do that is using a good portion of clouds. 🙂

A made a serie of images of this particular cloudy sky this day. These where made Bodegraven (Netherlands). Want to use sky images for your composites? Check out here!

Paper boat

Now I had the base images put together and we could start refining the image with the paper boat.

Now that was easy! Just folded a paper boat myself, and used daylight! All behind my desk 😉

The easiest part of all, was photographing the self made paper boat, using only daylight (and a little light from my computer screen 😉 ). The hard part still had to come…

The containers

First I wanted to put the containers in the paper boat. Rotterdam has got one the biggest harbours in the world, so that wouldn’t be a difficult task to manage. Well, it actually was.

There are a few spots where you can come to photograph containers ships arriving in the harbor. Neither of these spots gave me right perspective of the containerships that I needed for this image.

One of my collegues adviced me to use the app, to find out where and when the major containerships would arrive. That was, after already spend hours waiting… lol

The Tow Boat

Second, I wanted to have a tow boat in front of the paper boat. Just like when real container ships are pulled into the harbors. I have spended many hours on different locations in the harbors of Rotterdam to photograph such a tow boat.

You need to have alot of patience for these kind of composites. So take a foldable chair with you! 🙂

The Tow Boats p2

I’ve tried all images I had made, but it was a) a crime to selected and mask the tow boats, and b) they weren’t in the right positions or lighting to make it fit within the image. It just didn’t worked out. Now I was in doubt of wath to do.

After a while I came up with the idea of one smaller paper boat pulling the bigger one. It can be so simple 🙂

As you can see, I had alot of other ideas for this picture during the process, such as paper planes and paper crane birds instead of the seagulls. Ultimately I thought: Less is more…

The containers p2

As you can see in the image above, I already figured out how to put the containers in the ship. And that wasn’t easy I can tell you 😉

I had photographed many containerships during a period of tree days spending on different locations in the harbours of Rotterdam. I needed the right perspective and after playing with many images I found out I had not had any image in the right angle. That was a bummer. It was then, that I decided to use multiple images for the containers and a little drawing. It gave that sketchy look that, in my opinion, makes the image!

The waves and details on the boat

When a boat sails, it breakes the water, causing waves. I wanted to look as realistic as possible. I used images of the containerships for the waves and draw the rest in Photoshop. That took more time than I wanted, but the result is realistic.

The details on the paper boat. For it to look as (sur)realistic as possible I also added details to the paper boat. Such as rust on the part that catches the most water (bottom). And a little rust parts on the part of the letters on the boat. And offcourse not to forget the line between the boats (and the dirth on that line).

And that folks, is how I made this image!

The end result


I posted the final result on and it got curated and published. Then it got published on the website of Gebr. Sluyter.

This image also is printed and hanging on the 17th floor of Beurs WTC Rotterdam, in the office of Gebr. Sluyter B.V. at the reception.

And! The image was selected by Jan R. Smit and Cafeobscura for the Rotterdam Photo Exposition, that was held in Februari 2019.

This image was printed by Jan. R. Smit Fine Art Printing Specialist for the Rotterdam Photo Exhibition 2019.