How I Made: Calm after the storm

This is one image of a serie of images that I made for Gebr. Sluyter B.V. An insurance broker based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, with a maritime expertise. The image is a composite of different images. First the image of the sunglasses, which I made on the beach of Remtzo Village on Kefalonia, Greece. Second the containership on the background, I made that one at the Maasmond Rotterdam. Third, the birds: made on Hoek van Holland. Fourth: the sunset in the sunglasses: Remetzo Village Kefalonia. And the ship in the sunset (the small one) I draw by hand.

Before I made the pictures i first sketched the idea:

Online I bought a cheap sunglass. The first try of making this picture I went to Hoek van Holland beach and took several shots during sunset. In post processing I found out that the sand was not good, and the depth of field I used was not workable. So I knew that I had to do it over, but holidays where coming and I didn’t had the time then. So I decided to take the sunglasses with me on holiday. Just on the last day of my holiday I had a quarter before the sun set. And I didn’t had the time to closely exam how all settings where, so I took just some shots in the hope it would work out well. And it did.

The first try, I wasn’t happy with this one, so I decided to begin from the start.

The final result I posted on several facebook groups and it was picked up by several websites. Phlearn reposted the image on instagram 🙂

Also published this image in their magazine/blog. Inspire Magazine on facebook 🙂

This Magazine published it on facebook!

Tijdens Rotterdam Photo 2019 heb ik 3 van mijn werken tentoon gesteld, waaronder ook deze titel.