How I made “After rain there is sunshine”

In 2018 I started a project called “The Fisherman”. First image was “Fishing birds“. Now I have the second image finished! Part 2 is called “After rain there is sunshine“. I could have called it “A New chapter”, and the meaning of the image is the same, but I think “After rain there is sunshine” is a better title for what I want to express. *deep breath* This is how I made it!

Tip: turn on the subtitles 😉

Photographer about this photo

Sometimes life can have a setback. You have to work hard to get the sunshine back in your life. I have experienced it recently and I had to (and still do) work hard on my self and my life. This image is second in a serie called “The Fisherman”. This episode is ment for expressing how you can work on your future and bring that sunshine back in your life.

The sunshine behind the paper I have photographed in Kefalonia (Greece). The foreground I had to wait (a long time) for a stormy day. It was photographed in Hoek van Holland (the Netherlands). My son helped me photographing me in my rain suit. The rest is made in Photoshop.

After rain there is sunshine


I love it! It’s a simple message, and a positive one. Your craftsmanship shows in the small details like the string waving in the wind behind the subject, and the horizons matching so well. The fish hook is a nice detail, and the drop shadow is well done too. The matched colours of the sky and rain suit help to tie the theme together.

Steven T. – Senior Critic @

Angelo … A magnificent idea and excellent execution! The image really brightens my day and sends a surrealistic message!

Norman Gabitzsch – Senior Critic @
My son Benjamin is handling the camera, while I am posing for this image
Me doing some different poses, so I have enough material to work with.

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