How I made “Playing with daddy’s toys”

My son: Dad?
Me: Yes son?
My son: Can we play with the drone please?
Me: Sure, but be carefull, it is expensive stuff kiddo!
My son: Yeah…right!

This picture is a composite of many different elements:

  • background picture was shot with a Canon gx7 mark II @ the Van Nelle Fabriek
  • the sky was photographed in Winkelcentrum Boulevard Nesselande with the Canon D500
  • for the drone I used a stock image
  • My son was actually shot in my studio in 2 different stages (his hands were shot mid 2017 and the rest in feb 2018) with the Canon D70
  • The flying shoe was photographed in March 2018 with the Iphone 6
  • The girl (my sons friend) was photographed with the Canon Nederland gx7 mark 2
  • and the other elements were drawn in Adobe Photoshop with my old Wacom tablet (intuos pen and touch small)

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