Surreal Compositing

Compositing gives me the freedom to create whatever I want. With the help of Photoshop I can make every fantasy come alive! Compositing is the art of combining different images into one (sur)realistic image.

Together we talk through some ideas. When we have an idea, I will make a sketch so we can see if the idea works. If it does, than I start planning all the necessary shoots, locations, etc. to make the images we need for the composite. When I have all the images needed, I will combine them in Photoshop into an artwork.

Surreal compositing can be used for your personal or business project(s)!

Pricing starts from EUR 1.000,00 per artwork. That is including:

  • Dutch tax 21%
  • Travel costs (within 30km zone. If further away travel is necessary, then it is EUR 0,19 per kilometer extra)
  • 1 Xpozer print 75x50cm of the artwork
  • And offcourse the digital files of the artwork (including optimizing for web and print)

>> Contact me for more information! <<