The Works Council of the Municipality of the IJssel

Few months ago I started my photography professionaly. My first assignment was for the works council of the co-operating municipalities of the IJssel (Capelle aan den IJssel, Krimpen aan den IJssel and Zuidplas). The mission was a presentation of the work council with a special twist that says what they stand for.

So in we did a photoshoot in the boardroom of the town hall of the municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel. I made a portrait of they works council and edited later on in photoshop. I added the IJssel with the famous Algerabridge and the Church of Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, and the town hall building of Capelle aan den IJssel.

It was not an easy job. This was more probably the most challenging editorial, because it was my first professional assignment, and it was very difficult to get the building in right perspective but still keep it as a miniworld.

This is the final result. It took me hours and hours but I am very happy with this result 🙂